Simple and effective LG G6 TV commercial plays to the phone’s strengths rather than gimmicks

You may have already seen LG promote the heck out of its newest flagship phone on YouTube, social media and just all over the interwebs, but in the grand scheme of 21st century advertising, TV spots still play a key role in a product’s successful road to blockbuster status.

Without an effective TV campaign, the early acclaim garnered by the hot new LG G6 from reviewers, as well as all the interest generated both domestically and internationally could get squandered once Samsung properly kicks its publicity juggernaut into high gear yet again for the Galaxy S8.

It’s obviously no coincidence therefore that the first official G6 TV commercial for “international” markets has been released on the very eve of today’s highly anticipated Unpacked 2017 event. But given the timing, it’s sure a little surprising to see LG employ a decidedly conventional, restrained and even timid advertising tone.

No rival parody attempts, no celebrity cameos (sorry, Jason Statham), not even a tie-in with a certain one-hit wonder L.A.-based hip hop group. Just good old fashioned focus on some of the device’s essential selling points, mainly the super-slim bezels, large display and compact body, a straightforward slogan (“The Big Screen That Fits In Your Hand”), and feel-good music by Etta James. Simple and effective, don’t you think?

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