LG G6 teased as ‘the ideal smartphone’, big screen, water resistance and all

And we’re off! For a few weeks now, technically, though the actual, official, video teaser-backed, whole-nine-yards LG G6 buzz-building campaign gets a de facto start today with a “wish list” promo.

What do people expect from the chaebol’s next-gen “ideal smartphone”, and LG now practically confirms it can deliver? First off, a bigger screen, somehow squeezed into a compact body, which can easily fit in one’s standard trouser pocket.

Kind of like the V20, minus the secondary ticker display. Enter a 2:1 LCD panel manufactured by the Korean conglomerate’s screen-focused daughter outfit, with enhanced 2,880 x 1,440 pixels resolution, likely measuring 5.7 inches in diagonal.

Fairly promising start for a list of G5-redeeming non-modular features also guaranteed to include water resistance (at last!), extra durability, courtesy of a new design rendered a while back based on CADs, with a non-slippery finish, one-hand usability, and… something about a camera that can “capture it all at once.” Maybe some nifty new dual rear snapper tricks?

Either way, we have to admit we’re pretty pumped up. There’s nothing special about this first LG G6 trailer, even resembling a little too strongly Huawei’s pre-release Mate 9 advertising push last fall, but it reminds us a potentially great phone will see daylight sometime next month. Most likely, on February 26.

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