LG G6 Second Year Promise extends standard US warranty to 24 months free of charge

Remember Samsung’s Guard S8 program that was rumored to, well, guard Galaxy S8 users from manufacturing defects and even one instance of accidental display damage for two years instead of the standard 12 months?

That never panned out for some reason, but while the top chaebol may still be considering the benefits and disadvantages of a potential extended warranty for its hot-selling phones, LG has decided to launch something of that nature with no preceding buzz or teasing games.

The G6 Second Year Promise unfortunately doesn’t cover broken screens or water destruction, like HTC’s free Uh Oh Protection plan for the U Ultra, last year’s 10 flagship and the One M9 before it. But it also doesn’t cost a penny, and brings US customers on par with many G6 owners across Europe.

All you need to do is register your “FullVision” 5.7-inch device on the company’s new dedicated webpage, and you’ll “enjoy the same coverage as our first-year manufacturer’s limited warranty for an additional 12 months.”

Basically, your concerns are alleviated during the first two whole years of LG G6 ownership as far as flaws in “material or workmanship” are concerned. That may include bootloop issues, but if you drop, bump, break or abuse the phone yourself in any way, shape or form, this program isn’t going to help you.

On the bright side, you could score a “new or refurbished” replacement product even 23 months and 29 days after your original purchase “within two business days”, and if we’re not stressing this enough, the whole thing is free, both for existing and new LG G6 users.

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