LG G6 Real Audio Review (video)

Our LG G6 Real Audio Review is in, just in time, since we already told you that we were impressed after a week of using LG’s 2017 flagship. For those of you who want to skip straight to the point, here’s a TL;DR: we’re just as impressed with the audio capabilities; there you go, you can play the video above now, to find out why.

To keep things fair and transparent, we are still using a preview device, not a review device. While hardware is final, the software running on our G6 units is not final. Yes, we know that there will be little to no changes to major features, but we like to keep things clear.

The LG G6 should land in the US on April 7. Sadly, yes, there will be a certain “feature fragmentation” with the G6 as well: the North American units will get wireless charging, but not the higher quality DAC, among others. Juan touches on this, and much more, in the video above. Check it out, and drop us a comment here or on YouTube, and tell us what you think!

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