LG G6 and Q6 borrow ‘unique and exciting’ new colors from V30 in ‘key’ markets

LG is trying to figure some things out before deciding whether to release an all-new flagship phone at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month or an upgraded V30 of sorts with (marginally) improved specs and AI capabilities.

Until then, the chaebol’s restructured mobile division is keeping busy by strengthening both its international and US-only mid-range portfolios, as well as further expanding the color lineups of the G6 and Q6.

After unveiling a stunning Raspberry Rose V30 just ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, LG is today taking the wraps off a G6 in the same snazzy paint job “designed with anniversaries, graduation ceremonies and Valentine’s Day in mind.”

The fresh Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet flavors of the LG G6 and Q6 are also borrowed from the V30, boosting the former’s tally of color options to an impressive eight, while the latter is “only” available in seven different coats of paint now.

Basically, the Raspberry Rose hue separates the two devices, as they share Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, Astro Black, Ice Platinum, Mystic White, Terra Gold and Marine Blue variants. In certain markets, at least, with US customers, for instance, officially provided a choice between black and platinum for the G6, and no possible replacement whatsoever for the LG Q6’s standard platinum coating.

Korea will unsurprisingly be the first to receive these “new” colors sometime next month, followed by “key markets worldwide.”

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