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LG G6 Pro, G6 Plus may go global within the month

By Jules Wang June 1, 2017, 2:19 pm

The Galaxy S8 mini. There’s a thought to trip you.

Back just a few years ago, smartphone manufacturers were sticking modifiers to the names of their flagship devices for the year and making these “branch” devices with the intent of keeping the prestige of the trunk. An LG G3 Beat looks like a G3, but just smaller. Of course, corners had to be cut along with the size, too. The same corner cutting applied for bigger devices.

Recently, though, that trend has been streamlined — a few main models and a host of lower-class devices. Apparently, OEMs couldn’t be bothered to keep all the design flairs of their flagships and keep “flagship lite” software updated, moreso than even those lower-class devices.


But word from ETnews proclaims that LG will try the shtick again, but with premium-level derivatives.

The LG G6 Plus will feature wireless charging and double the G6’s 64GB of flash storage. It is expected to debut at ₩900,000 ($803), about the same price as the G6 when it went to market. There’s also an LG G6 Pro in the works with only 32GB of storage and no wireless charging — it’ll cost ₩700,000 ($624).

Both phones, with the same basic internals as the G6, will make it to Korea within this month on three carriers, but they’ll also go global at some point before the V30 is scheduled to come out.

Glorified memory-based variants? Perhaps. An anonymous LG source said that the company is working on diversifying its portfolio to serve more customer categories.

But we can at least still be jealous of Korea as the country is also expected to adopt the LG V34, a smaller and water-resistant V20 variant that first landed in Japan.


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