Playing it safe all the way? LG G6 candidate benchmarked with Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM

LG took enough chances with the modular G5 last year to understand playing it safe isn’t the worst thing it could do when designing a new flagship phone. But isn’t it even riskier to walk the fine line between safe and boring, incremental and repetitive, recognizable and forgettable?

Korea’s eternal number two handheld vendor may find the answer to that crucial question in a few weeks, as the non-modular G6 continues to shape up quite unexciting and unimaginative. The “ideal” smartphone should probably bring forth a hotter processor than the rapidly aging Snapdragon 821, more than 4GB RAM, a removable battery, and perhaps a fresher look.

Of course, none of the above is officially confirmed or etched in stone yet, although mounting evidence suggests the LG G6 doesn’t have many secrets up its sleeve. Case in point, a rather disappointing newly surfaced benchmark of an H871 device.

There’s every reason to believe that’s an advanced pre-release G6 prototype, following in the footsteps of the H85x and H86x, aka G5. We don’t expect a big leap in internal digits either, as H900 designates the V10, and H910 the V20.

So, what’s so disappointing about this probable LG G6? Well, there seems to be a Snapdragon 820 or 821 SoC inside, paired with 4GB RAM. Qualcomm has confusingly dubbed both those chips MSM8996, merely attaching a Pro suffix to the SD821 that’s always overlooked in Geekbench speed reports.

While LG would be crazy to launch an 820-powered “flagship” in 2017, the 821 is just slightly faster. Let’s hope at least certain regions will get a 6GB RAM variant.

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