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LG G6 officially gets ‘Plus’ version, facial recognition, other software add-ons and new colors

By Adrian Diaconescu June 19, 2017, 5:36 am

LG is employing some interesting and diverse tactics to keep the G6 in the limelight, as the arch-rival Galaxy S8 duo sells like hotcakes, at least according to Samsung, the HTC U11 starts gaining a bit of traction, and the buzzy OnePlus 5 draws near.

The deals are getting sweeter and wider, the warranties longer, and the GS8 similarities stronger. Granted, Samsung didn’t invent digital wallet services or facial recognition, but it’s still hard to act like LG Pay and Face Print are very original or groundbreaking features.

Nonetheless, it’s better to have them, even exclusive to a certain region or late to the party, than wonder how they’d work. Unlocking the LG G6 by “simply holding the phone up” to the owner’s face “without the need to press any buttons” will be coming to existing devices soon as part of a software update.

New units sold shall include “Face Print” functionality out the box, but for obvious reasons, neither batch is set to support mobile payment authorization by mug just yet. The “enhanced” software also accommodates a duo of user-friendly features dubbed Low Power Consumption and Covered Lens, the latter of which intuitively warns you when you’re about to stick your finger in a wide angle photograph.

But wait, there’s more. As expected, a new top-shelf LG G6+ configuration with 128GB internal storage is headed for Korean stores, as well as “some” other countries, very soon.

This bad boy will come bearing premium B&O Play earphones as gifts, 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC capabilities, wireless charging and fancy Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold paint jobs in addition to the Astro Black option. No words on 6GB RAM though.

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