LG G6 tipped to ‘play it safe’ with removable battery dropped in favor of water resistance

The (top) cat is totally out of the bag now, “infinity” screen, actual real-life design, launch date, hard-coded display branding and all. But you may still need to hear and see more of the faster-approaching LG G6 to decide if the Samsung Galaxy S8 is indeed worth the wait.

So far, we’ve had a pretty interesting, somewhat unusual 2:1 LCD panel confirmed by Korea’s second best smartphone manufacturer for its next big thing, as well as an early MWC formal debut, followed swiftly by a commercial rollout in March.

You can also bet the farm on a non-modular, conventional slab look, water resistance and “safe-to-use” battery, with Snapdragon 821 processing power, classic headphone connectivity, and pre-loaded Google Assistant support feeling like strong possibilities themselves.

Finally, word around the water cooler today is that non-exploding battery will follow the controversial non-removable trend. We suspected as much back when the first CAD-based renders broke out, but we chose to stay optimistic even as it sounded… problematic to combine a water-protected chassis with a user-replaceable cell.

Now it’s essentially etched in stone that LG will “play it safe”, and drop one of G5’s key selling points… in favor of a new one. Very credible sources suggest that’s the case, exposing a partial frontal view of the upcoming phone too, and corroborating rumors of a “thin frame around the body and rounded edges on the glass display”, with Snapdragon 821 and Google Assistant in tow, as Amazon’s Alexa isn’t deemed “ready just yet.”

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