LG G6 reportedly confirmed for MWC debut next month, March 10 commercial launch rumored

Not to be outdone by Samsung insiders recently getting specific about the Galaxy S8’s release timing, people allegedly familiar with LG’s H1 mobile product roadmap now claim to know exactly when the G6 will be rolled out domestically.

It’s even earlier than previously rumored, namely on March 10, which would be a measly couple of weeks on the heels of the non-modular flagship phone’s MWC announcement in Barcelona, Spain.

Speaking of, Korean press apparently received confirmation from a “high-ranking” company official that the G5 sequel will indeed be coming out at this year’s Mobile World Congress sometime late next month. Most likely, on February 26, the very day before the trade show actually kicks off.

The boldly experimental but ultimately too fanciful and out-of-focus G5 also saw daylight at MWC last year, needing however over a month to reach end users. Meanwhile, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on February 21, rapidly following up with European and North American distribution, which obviously worked out quite well.

That’s probably LG’s plan now, although it remains to be seen if mass production can ramp up in due time. The LG G6 could get a jump on the Galaxy S8, widely expected out in April, aiming to stand out with a super-high-res 2:1 LCD screen, cleaner design, iris scanner, MST functionality, and both a headphone jack and USB Type-C port too.

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