Technically, the headline should read “don’t lose hope for an LG G6 with modular accessories”, as it remains highly unlikely mainstream Android flagships will follow the failed Project Ara’s suit anytime soon. But, you know, space constraints and all that.

The point is the V20’s design, functionality and versatility weren’t influenced by the G5’s unexpected box-office misfortune, as the former’s development cycle was obviously “well underway” when the latter started selling in underwhelming numbers.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the Korean manufacturer’s past architectural experiments, you should probably know better than to expect a single setback to prompt a major redesign. That wasn’t the case for rear-fitted power and volume buttons, largely disliked at first, then gradually sanctioned by the masses, and it won’t be the case for G-series add-ons.

You can pretty much bet the farm on next year’s LG G6 coming with its own batch of “Friends”, or at least supporting G5’s audio and camera-enhancing slide-in modules, as the company’s Senior Director of Global Communications, Ken Hong, reportedly confirmed the G family is “sticking with the modular concept in the subsequent generation.”

There’s definitely room for improvement, and while it may take a lot of work and resources, sans guarantees for commercial success, LG is willing to give it one more shot.

Source: CNet

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