LG G6 ‘global’ rollout is technically underway, but there’s still so much we don’t know

What good is a glitzy, early announcement of a handsome, tall, versatile and seemingly durable new smartphone if you can’t actually release the thing before its presumably more powerful, sharper and some say prettier main rival?

While it’s true that the LG G6 saw daylight in at least the one market where the Galaxy S8 isn’t even up for pre-order yet, Korean demand alone won’t put the domestic company back on the right financial track.

On US shores, the first carrier deliveries have reportedly begun a couple of weeks ago, quickly ramping up ahead of a nationwide launch tomorrow, and LG reminds us today the phone’s “global” rollout is about to take off.

Unfortunately, there are still no precise, official dates to go with specific countries, as we’re simply and vaguely told that “nearly 200 carriers and operators worldwide will be making the LG G6 available to their local customers.”

“Key” territories in North America, Asia, Europe, Central and South Americas should receive inventory “over the course of the next several weeks”, which doesn’t sound all that bad. We already know Canada will get the G6 with the US in around 24 hours, but on the old continent, things aren’t looking anywhere as rosy. There’s total silence across the EU regarding dates, while Clove expects to be able to release the slim-bezeled Android device in the UK only on April 27.

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