As The Verge shows off what could be the our best look at what could be the LG G6, — a phone that could hit the market with the first 2:1 aspect ratio screen — we’re also figuring out why the upcoming flagship will not be getting the Snapdragon 835.

First, more on the new render: it is a partial view of the front face of the device and depicts a metal chassis wrapped around a selfie camera, proximity sensors and a reserved earpiece. The 5.7-inch screen’s bounded by tight-radius corners — not right angles — and side-mounted volume buttons. There really isn’t a tell of what features the phone is expected to receive or retain.

Second, there’s word from a Forbes contributor that not only affects LG, but all manufacturers concerning their springtime flagships: Samsung, which has been contracted by Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon 835, will be taking the lion’s share of the chips through April to supply the Galaxy S8.

Multiple sources have told freelancer Ben Sin that this is the case and one source has specifically related that piece of information to the LG G6 using the Snapdragon 821 — recently found on the HTC U Ultra.

“The Snapdragon 835 won’t be available in large quantities until after the Galaxy S8 launches,” the source said.

Qualcomm reportedly considered approaching TSMC to produce the Snapdragon 835, but that company — which does with Apple the bulk of its business — is rumored to be pushing behind schedule on its 10nm fabrication. That may be one reason why three iPads intended for launch next quarter have been delayed until the summer. The 835 is the first Snapdragon processor to use a 10nm process.

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