Facial recognition software may arrive soon on LG G6, with secure payment support

Samsung can’t claim the invention of either contactless mobile payment technology or smartphone facial recognition, but in the eyes of many consumers, it’s still going to matter who was first when LG eventually jumps on both those bandwagons.

The only chance the company’s G6 flagship handheld stands to rain on the Samsung Pay-enabled, three biometric method-supporting Galaxy S8’s parade is to somehow thrill with the execution of LG Pay, and security of its own “3D face-scanning” solution.

That’s right, alongside a brand-new digital wallet app exclusive to Korea for starters, a major LG G6 software update is now expected to bring facial recognition to the (local) table “as early as June.” And yes, you might be able to authorize payments just by looking at this smartphone, with advanced security measures of sorts from a relatively little-known firm called Oez meant to prevent “hacking attempt with pictures.”

Sounds intriguing and fresh albeit tricky to get right and make foolproof. But if LG pulls it off, it could add to an already lengthy list of solid G6 selling points, stealing both Samsung and Apple’s thunder. Then again, there’s probably no way to enable iris authentication features over-the-air, simply by tweaking a mobile device’s software.

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