The LG G6 ‘resists more under pressure’, exclusive new teaser reveals

LG is on a mission, and it’s not going to let a little thing like Samsung’s rumored initial Snapdragon 835 monopoly stop it from building healthy buzz around the non-modular G6. So what if US sales are only expected to begin April 7, with a routine 4GB RAM presumably linked to that unremarkable SD821 processor, and a beloved user-replaceable battery discarded in favor of water resistance?

The LG G6 still hides plenty of nifty tricks up its sleeve, including… something about reliability, the best wired headphone audio experience you can possibly imagine, a digital assistant that’s “less artificial” and “more intelligent”, plus a “big screen that fits.”

The latest in this long line of cryptic teasers, which the chaebol just shared exclusively with Pocketnow, may hint at water protection or simply an extra-durable build, claiming the Korean company’s “next generation smartphone” will “resist more under pressure.”

Yet another tagline that doesn’t confirm anything about an oft-leaked, oft-rendered flagship Android, perhaps suggesting resistance to shocks and drops with some sort of Military Standard compliance, like the V10 and V20 before it. Whatever LG might be alluding to, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on our website over the next couple of weeks, up until the MWC announcement of the G6 on February 26.

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