LG G6 looks set for early April global launch, will likely cost £700 on British shores

Sometimes, it’s not enough to unveil a monster of a high-end Android smartphone, with an all-new design, exceptional cameras, and super-tall screen squeezed into a surprisingly compact, refreshingly premium body.

Sony has already stolen LG’s Mobile World Congress thunder, although the “best in show” award doesn’t always mean much, with Samsung still in a pretty good position to commercially release the Galaxy S8 at around the same time as the G6.

Unfortunately, our suspicions are slowly inching closer to confirmation, with a leaked promotional T-Mobile render (un-) subtly hinting at a distant April 7 US due date. That could still be phony, or merely apply to the “Un-Carrier”, but over on British shores, trusted third-party retailer MobileFun also expects to get ahold of inventory sometime in the “first week of April.”

It sure sounds like we’re roughly a month away from the global rollout of the LG G6, which is only available for pre-orders in Korea right now ahead of an early local launch on March 10. Domestically, the 5.7-incher that’s almost all Quad HD+ screen costs the rough equivalent of $800, Quad DAC included.

In the UK, we have every reason to believe the recommended retail pricing will be set at £699 ($855 or so) outright, no fancy audio system in tow. Finally, the LG G6 is tipped to fetch anywhere between $700 and $800 stateside, sans a Quad DAC, but with wireless charging uniquely supported.

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