While last year’s experimental modular LG G5 probably didn’t fail because of the whole build quality controversy, it certainly didn’t help that DIY and gadget torture-specialized YouTube channel JerryRigEverything exposed the phone’s plastic-primer-paint-whatever use on top of metal.

Clearly, the chaebol learned from its mistakes, releasing the G6 all Friend-less, almost bezelless and no longer prone to easy scratching. This bad boy passes the usual batch of durability tests with flying colors, looking gorgeous and feeling virtually invincible.

Of course, if you absolutely want to damage it, there are ways to do that. You could quickly set it on fire and burn those millions of IPS LCD pixels, while everything from the display to the glass back, metal frame and fingerprint scanner will eventually fall victim to a sharp enough blade and persistent enough aggressor.

But the point of these torture evaluations is to assess how a device like the LG G6 might hold up over a “normal” lifespan, in the hands of a careful and loving owner. One that isn’t going to try to roast the phone just for fun, or scratch the fingerprint reader to see if it still functions right after. By the way, it does.

Bottom line, there are no apparent corners cut in the making of the LG G6, and better yet, the compact phablet doesn’t bend under what looks like a decent amount of pressure. At all.

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