LG G6 design deserves a company spiel

It’s a “milestone”. It “raises the bar”. It can probably slice bread if you had an hour and 15 minutes.

We don’t know if the company was trying to A/B us, but we got sent two copies of the same press release on PR Newswire with different titles. The same release found its way to LG’s company press relations site under a third title. Boy, these literary marks, huh?

Anyways, we get to hear about a designer’s involvement in the engineering beauty that is supposed to be the LG G6. By “involvement in,” we mean “compliment.”

Globally renowned industrial designer, Torsten Valeur, praised the attractive design and convenient user experience of the new flagship LG G6® in a recent interview. He touted the G6 as “the ideal fusion of…beautiful shape and clever solution and obviously great user experience…the essence of what a smartphone is.”

And, oh look, here’s that interview:

It almost seems like Valeur designed the thing.

To the contrary, he, the CEO of David Lewis Designers and a recipient of the IF Design Awards and Good Design Awards, was not involved. He’s just a critic giving his piece of mind to LG.

The eye is naturally drawn to the G6’s FullVision™ display, as all unnecessary distractions have been eliminated.

Other than that LG logomark at the bottom of the frame, but we digress.

Look, it’s fine to tout your chalkboard to CAD to prototype process, but there are cheaper ways to do it with people who might be more relatable to your target audience.

Alas, LG’s campaign to promote the G6 before it comes out shall continue.

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