LG G6 could get iris-scanning selfie camera

The Galaxy Note 7 brought iris scanning as a security to the Android masses. Yes, we know that the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem has its fair share of pupil peeping phones as well as ZTE and a few other Android players, but before Samsung royally messed up on repairing the repute of the Note 7, that device seemed like the biggest profile break for the technology.

Well, recalls have occurred and there’s currently a dearth of iris-scanning phones in prominent marketplaces. But it won’t be long before we may see another iris-scanning phone again with the LG G6.

According to Korean outlet Digital TimesLG Innotek is “planning an integrated iris recognition module” that can be integrated with the front-facing camera, thus saving space by obviating separate sensors. The company is working on sourcing materials for the part.

Adding another layer to this story is the development of LG Pay. Recent chatter pointed to a transition from a physical card to a phone-based mobile payments system that could utilize Magnetic Secure Transmission technology. Perhaps authentication can be done through either the fingerprint sensor or the iris scanner.

The release of the G6 is told to be around in February or March.

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