LG G6 has a ‘big screen that fits’, MWC 2017 invite reveals

Wait, didn’t LG already send out a batch of press invitations for its MWC 2017 shindig technically scheduled for the day before the formal beginning of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? You know, the day Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and Motorola also intend to unveil some hot new Android gear on.

We’re guessing the (second best) chaebol is starting to run out of buzz-building ideas, as speculation ramps up over largely repetitive specifications adopted by a non-modular G6 with a far from original design, and no, not even a user-removable battery.

Hands down the worst news floating around the interwebs recently is a horribly tardy US commercial launch, threatening to cancel LG’s expected fragile timing advantage over arch-rival Samsung and its own delayed “next big thing.”

But hey, at least the LG G6 will sport a “big screen that fits”, according to the company’s latest official February 26 teaser image. An LCD 5.7-incher with stunning 2,880 x 1,440 pixels resolution, to be exact, yielding a somewhat unusual 2:1 aspect ratio, surrounded by super-slim bezels, and therefore able to fit adequately in your hand, or so LG would like you to believe.

Too little, too late? Let’s not lose all hope for some killer last-minute surprises (6GB RAM?), and keep a cautiously optimistic eye on Barcelona’s Sant Jordi Club two weeks from Sunday.

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