For once, LG had a window to try to steal Samsung’s thunder, and the G6 actually looked good enough to potentially rain on the Galaxy S8’s parade. But even though the other “Infinity Display” flagship phone was unveiled way back at the Mobile World Congress in February, packing a Snapdragon 821 processor precisely to avoid delays, it’s still not up for grabs on the old continent.

That’s finally about to change on Monday, April 24, following a March 10 domestic commercial debut, and beginning of “global” rollout earlier this month that so far only saw the LG G6 expanded to markets like the US, Canada and Australia.

You have to wonder if it’s already too late for the S8’s fierce rival, given Samsung’s remarkable turnaround time on British shores, for instance. Of course, the LG G6 will enjoy a wider-scale European launch on the 24th, across 24 countries, including the UK, Sweden, Finland, France and Germany. But you probably don’t need to wait much longer until the Galaxy S8 and S8+ follow suit from Paris to Berlin, and Stockholm to Helsinki.

Bottom line, LG essentially lost the regional timing upper hand, though its underdog is still a formidable high-end contender, at a slightly lower price, with a better positioned fingerprint reader, dual rear camera setup, larger battery and everything else.

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