Say what you will about LG, but the second best Korean smartphone manufacturer’s flagships are rarely boring. Even when they don’t make a point of experimenting with half-baked modular designs, they easily stand out from the crowd with secondary displays, Quad DAC audio madness, larger screens than the norm squeezed into compact bodies, and now, super-slim bezels, as well as an unusual aspect ratio.

Whether you choose to call it 2:1, 18:9 or… 34,000:17,000, it’s far from standard smartphone fare, basically indicating that this 5.7-incher’s super-high-res display is exactly twice as tall as it is wide.

Why on earth, you ask? Our own Juan Bagnell tried to get some answers from an actual LG G6 pre-production unit shown off in Barcelona this MWC, and upon close inspection, the purpose becomes very clear.

There’s more room for multitasking, apps viewed in split-screen mode get (almost) equal spotlight space, and even the camera software, unfinished as may be, makes fun use of this bad boy’s extra height.

On the not so bright side, the notification shade can be a tad hard to reach if you have… weird, dodgeball-injured thumbs. Which is a shame, because overall, the LG G6 doesn’t feel as gargantuan in the hand as you might think.

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