As the perennial underdog of the Korean smartphone industry, LG isn’t afraid of the occasional gamble and experiment. Oftentimes, these fail, and pulling the plug before sinking too much money into them becomes vital.

The G Pro venture was scrapped after a couple of lackluster generations, and rumor has it the same will happen with the G Flex lineup. Which started out rather promisingly back in the fall of 2013, but lacked a certain je ne sais quoi to develop a solid mainstream following earlier this year.

No point dragging it out any further therefore, especially as LG recently kicked off another bold experiment. The V10 looks like no flagship device before it, and its main claims to fame include an ingenious auxiliary “ticker” display, extreme resistance to shocks and drops, Hi-Fi sound, and dual front cameras.

Above all, the Quad HD/Snapdragon 808/4GB RAM 5.7-incher isn’t terribly overpriced, particularly on T-Mobile, so it’s probably selling well enough to warrant a sequel. Asian media reports the… V11 (?) shall land in the second half of 2016, opposite the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or Apple iPhone 7, with a G5 slated for an April debut and direct competition against the Galaxy S7.

Since LG is taking its sweet time refreshing the G4, it’s getting more and more likely the heir to the leather-clad throne will adopt a fully metallic build, aiming to beat Apple and Samsung at their own game.

Now, are you sad to hear a G Flex 3 may never happen? Happy about the V11 news? A little disappointed the G5 isn’t coming sooner? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Daum
Via: G for Games

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