LG G5 user agent profile surfaces online to reveal H830 model number

This is far from the most exciting development on the LG G5 speculation front of late, but in case you needed further confirmation the handheld was real and coming soon, a trusted Hungarian website unearthed its model number and OS version it runs in pre-release testing.

No surprises in either department, as the G5 closely follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, with an H830 inside designation. The LG G4, mind you, was also known as H810 or H815. In terms of software, the smartphone that isn’t afraid of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already on Android 6.0, so it should definitely launch with Marshmallow goodies pre-installed.

The main reasons this user agent profile exposé is newsworthy are of course that it proves LG is assessing an H830 phone’s web browsing capabilities, and also as it gives us a precious starting point for digging into benchmark records.

LG G5 info

Make no mistake, we will find out more on the LG G5 in the next couple of weeks, and add to the rumor mill currently focused on a wacky design and removable battery mechanism, full-metal jacket, 5.3 to 5.6-inch Quad HD screen, secondary display a la the V10, and wide-angle dual-lens camera.

Source: NapiDroid

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