Now that the dust has settled on the all-metal LG G5 scandal, and before we spend sufficient time with the modular flagship to publish a full and rigorous review, iFixit continues its teardown tour de force, disassembling its umpteen gadget in the past few weeks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the LG G5 heavily outscores the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and iPhone SE in repairability, matching its predecessor’s near-chart-topping 8 out of 10 grade. That’s particularly impressive when you consider how little the two have in common, and the challenges posed by the new top dog’s unibody construction.

It couldn’t have been easy to bring the best of both worlds together, and even if LG made a compromise or two, applying too much primer atop of premium aluminum, we’re reminded today of G5’s highly original design.

Not only is the battery module incredibly easy to remove and replace in need, but many other components can be swapped with minimal effort and tools everyone already has around the house. A standard Phillips screwdriver is enough to pop open the hood and separate the display from the chassis, though if either the LCD or glass breaks, chances are you’ll be forced to replace them both, as they’re closely fused together.

Pulling two out of the three cameras is just as effortless, and glue is used merely to keep module covers safely in place. Speaking of, it seems the tiny front lid is made of plastic (not again), with the rear one built out of “fancy aluminum.” Anyhoo, let’s focus on the positives, and also ignore how similar the LG G5’s parts are positioned to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus assemblies. Surely, Apple can scream “copycat” in regards to other things.

Source: iFixit

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