LG G5 Q2 shipments likely stand at 2.5 million, yearly total may barely exceed 5M

As we near LG’s official and final confirmation of another glass half-full, half-empty quarter, more inside information stems from various analysts and pundits painting the G5 an unexpectedly bleak box-office picture.

Although hailed by most critics for its newfangled albeit simplistic and arguably gimmicky approach to the modular phone concept, and initially projected to sell 10 million+ copies this year alone boosted by robust marketing, the LG G5 ended up getting people fired and aggravating the financial crisis of the company’s mobile division.

Between April and June, it’s now estimated only 2.5 million units reached consumers, down from previous forecasts of up to 3.5 mil. The Samsung Galaxy S7 duo, in contrast, hit the 10M milestone in just three weeks back in March, probably passing 25 million shipments in the meantime.

Both the G5 and GS7 are understandably tipped to lose steam in Q3 and Q4 2016, as the Note 7, iPhone 7 and LG… V11(?) enter the scene. Ergo, the eternal second best Korean OEM can forget about 10 million sales, possibly for good, and realistically keep its fingers crossed for a 5.5 mil haul by the end of the year tops. That’s how many iPhone 6s copies Apple sold in less than 24 hours last fall.

Source: Digitimes

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