LG G5 se quietly goes official in Russia with 5.3-inch screen, Snapdragon 652 SoC

For a company unimpressed by Apple’s recent return to compact 4-inch handheld designs, and certain it can beat the competition’s “same-old technology” with radically different weapons, LG sure seemed fixated on the iPhone SE when it trademarked the G5 SE name.

But it turns out this is little more than a branding coincidence after all, as subsequent rumors suggested, and the LG G5 se and iPhone SE couldn’t be more different. The former, with the subdued lowercase letter moniker, just surfaced with absolutely no fanfare on its manufacturer’s Russian website, carrying the H845 model number and near-identical specs to the standard G5.

What’s changed? Only three things, as far as we can tell, namely the processor, RAM count and, in a bizarre twist, network connectivity. As expected, the LG G5 se is the low-key Snapdragon 652-powered variant also headed for Latin America, and it features 3 instead of 4GB memory. What we sure didn’t see coming however is a 4G LTE to 3G downgrade.

Otherwise, this is truly a perfect G5 copycat, and it literally and figuratively dwarfs the iPhone SE in almost every way, courtesy of a 5.3-inch Quad HD display, 16 + 8MP rear-facing duo camera arrangement, 8MP selfie shooter, 32GB expandable storage, and LG Friends support for productivity-enhancing module attaching.

The LG G5 se additionally runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out the box, with pricing, release dates and a complete list of targeted markets its only lingering question marks.

Source: LG Russia

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