LG obviously thinks the G5 is better than the Galaxy S7, but we’d rather wait and see

And so it begins. To be honest, we’re surprised it took so long for LG and Samsung to start the teasing games, but perhaps the Galaxy S7 makers were caught off guard by the G5’s modular design, while LG ran out of mocking ideas when noticing the microSD’s return.

Bottom line, this may just be the most evenly matched flagship contest in recent memory, yet that didn’t ultimately stop the perennial underdog from coming up with a dubious comparison infographic.

Apparently, the LG G5’s strong suits against the GS7 are its larger size, higher-megapixel rear camera and daylight mode. Sounds decidedly debatable, since there’s only a 0.2-inch display diagonal gap between the two, whereas the snappers require a real-life head-to-head before proclaiming a winner.

Yes, 16MP are more than 12, but it’s never as simple as that. You got Samsung’s Dual Pixel autofocus to consider, aperture, optical image stabilization, not to mention various software add-ons, where TouchWiz generally prevails.

As for “Daylight Mode”, that’s just a fancy way of marketing automatic brightness. Meanwhile, the removable battery would make for a fair point… if G5’s cell wasn’t actually smaller than S7’s. And even LG admits Samsung has the upper hand in outdoor use, courtesy of IP68 certification for water and dust resistance.

That pretty much only leaves the modular aspect as a clear, uncontestable and compelling LG G5 advantage, which is surely too little to already guarantee the overall victory. As soon as reviews are in, we’ll know more, and be in a position to recommend one or the other. For the time being, let’s call it a tie.

Source: ZDNet

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