Samsung’s latest flagships have begun their arrival; HTC’s announcement is still weeks off. And somewhere in the middle there is LG with the G5. While the G5 launched alongside the Galaxy S7 back at MWC, it did so without firm news about just when the smartphone might actually be available for purchase. And while carriers were quick to proclaim their interest in the G5, and retailers got pre-orders going, no one was saying anything with much specificity about when you could actually lay hands on a G5 for yourself. Here in the States, we’re still holding out for official word, but our neighbors to the north finally have something official, as LG shares word of Canadian retail availability.

The go-day for the LG G5 in Canada is Friday, April 8 – one month from today. Just like in the US, Canadian carriers and retailers alike are all lined up to help address user demand.

Can we expect to see the G5 arrive in the US at the same time? We’d say that’s a pretty likely situation, but nothing’s confirmed just yet, and it wouldn’t be crazy to see a few days to a week’s worth of wiggle room in either direction.

While we’re closing in on a date for the G5 itself, it’s been much more difficult to get information about release plans for all the LG Friends accessory hardware the manufacturer is also bringing to market. With a little luck, we’ll start seeing some of those details go public over the course of the next month.

Source: LG
Via: Mobile Syrup

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