Customer curiosity and media hype don’t always translate into box-office hits. We know it, LG knows it, even Samsung learned it the hard way last year. But while the ingenious modular G5 looks incapable of reaching the sales heights of its Galaxy S7 arch-rival, all the buzz surrounding the 5.3-incher’s top-shelf specs and creative accessories could ultimately pay off pretty decently.

At least by LG standards, with around 15,000 units reported as sold in South Korea alone on March 31. That, of course, was the phone’s local opening day, US retailers and carriers joining the fun as we speak, both with physical inventory in offline stores and deliveries of online pre-orders.

Compared to the G4, the LG G5 absolutely killed it during its first 24 hours of domestic availability. The 2015 non-modular, leather-clad flagship barely racked up 5K sales in a similar one-day window, and that’s despite costing less than its successor and the “enemy” at the time, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Things might have reportedly gone even better for the LG G5 yesterday were it not for a KT network failure that’s estimated to have delayed the purchase of between 1,000 and 2,000 copies. Still, 15 or 20K remains a fraction of the 100K S7 and S7 Edges sold in Korea in 48 hours a few weeks back, and the 10 million units the G5 should eventually ship worldwide will be a lot less than what the competition can pull off.

On the bright side, the G3 made the 10 mil milestone too a couple of years ago, but LG’s profit margins have definitely increased since then. At the end of the day, this is shaping up to be a well-deserved blockbuster.

Source: Korea Herald

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