Legit-looking LG G5 sold on classified ad website in Dubai, high-quality pics in tow

It’s sure been a prolific past couple of days for both LG news and rumors, between all the mid-range product pre-releases, teasers and speculation, plus the latest G5 and G5 Lite whispers. But nothing could have possibly prepared us for what just transpired from distant, exotic Dubai.

Well, to be completely frank, it’s not the live flagship images that shock us. It’s the very unique way they’ve come to light, courtesy of a Dubizzle poster who humbly asks only the equivalent of $680 for the first LG G5 ever to be sold around the world.

To better understand the peculiarity of the situation, we should probably mention this Dubizzle website is basically the local Craigslist counterpart, so as with any classified advertisements portal, the risk of being scammed is very much real.

But if we’re merely looking at a hoax, how did the seller/importer get hold of actual, high-resolution LG G5 photos? Not renders, not concept images, not blurry pics of possibly unfunctional prototypes or dummy units.

LG G5 back

What we have here is almost certainly the real deal, full metal jacket, side-mounted volume keys, rear-fitted circular fingerprint scanner, dual-lens main camera and all. Wait, how about the @evleaked secondary screen? Well, it’s impossible to tell if it’s there, though some sort of black strip (a fairly small one) seems to be located right beneath the top bezel.

It’s also hard to know if a slide-out battery mechanism is present, and most importantly, with the primary display turned off, you can’t be sure the device is in working order, as the owner claims. Don’t even think of purchasing it therefore, and just enjoy the prematurely revealed high-quality imagery.

Source: Dubizzle
Via: PhoneArena

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