Killer LG G5 deal bundles 360 CAM and 360 VR in for a grand total of $750

There’s no denying the novelty aspect, originality and convenience of the world’s first modular smartphone. But if LG truly wants to play in the same league as Samsung, and pull in record-breaking sales numbers, the G5 needs an occasional discount boost.

Especially stateside, where the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have already been treated to a bunch of BOGO deals, hefty unlocked rebates, free Gear VR bundle arrangements, and so on and so forth. LG mainly countered with complimentary accessories on multiple carriers, though Verizon no longer sells the G5 accompanied by a gratis 360 CAM.

But T-Mobile still does, while AT&T lets you pair the LG G5 to the on-contract G Pad X 10.1 tablet and Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE at preferential prices.

Both promos pale in comparison with what B&H Photo Video has in store for folks willing to wait until the beginning of May to receive an affordable special package. Well, affordable might be a bit of a stretch, as it sets you back a whopping $750, which however includes the 360 CAM and 360 VR headset in addition to the LG G5 handheld.

This is hands down the cheapest way to enjoy the OEM’s full 360-degree virtual reality experience, and it sure beats spending $800 on an HTC Vive and an extra 1,000 bucks or so on a compatible PC. Of course, that’s hardly a fair comparison, so let’s just say normally the G5 VR bundle would cost no less than $1,050. Once again, the only downside is your B&H pre-order will barely ship next month.

Source: B&H Photo Video

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