LG G5 goes up for pre-orders at Best Buy, global release set for March 31

While LG hasn’t been anywhere as quick as Samsung to roll out its newest flagship Android smartphone, you can’t really say the G5 waiting is killing you. It’s still early days, compared to how long it used to take to launch these bad boys worldwide, and you officially have two more weeks to go.

What’s two weeks between friends (pun intended), when you’re looking at the world’s first modular handheld, and a bunch of freebies are in store? Namely, LG’s just confirmed, a complimentary battery “pack” and the CAM Plus module in select territories.

Unfortunately, it seems American buyers will need to settle for a gratis replacement battery, charging cradle and USB-C to micro-USB adapter, with no camera grip accessory thrown in. On the bright side, Best Buy’s made good on its promise, kicking off LG G5 pre-orders today, and in addition to the CAM Plus-excluding freebie trio, the retailer also hooks you up with a $100 gift card.

That’s if you choose to activate the device on an AT&T or Sprint monthly installment plan, while the Now Network still does two-year contracts too through Best Buy, charging $100 instead of $200 off the bat, no voucher included.

It’s a little surprising to not see any Verizon or T-Mobile listings yet, and it’s even more unexpected to see Best Buy and Sprint ask only $24 a month for two years from device payment plan adopters. $24 x 24 equals $576, which can’t possibly be G5’s full retail value. Could it? No way! Unless… nah, it’s too low for such a great, unique, good-looking slab.

Stay tuned as we find out more about pricing, and save the dates – March 31 for “global” sale kickoff, and April 1 for Best Buy deliveries stateside.

Sources: Best Buy, The Korea Herald

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