Android 7.0 Nougat is expected mid-November on LG G5, at least in Australia

If there’s one reason you should still consider the LG G5 a decent alternative for the monumentally failed Galaxy Note 7, despite its own (comparatively minor) missteps and controversies, it’s that you know the newest Android iteration will arrive fairly soon.

How soon? Possibly, before any other previous-generation, non-Nexus device gets official Nougat love. That may even include the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the near-stock Marshmallow-running Moto Z, based on both history and formal word from Optus.

The second most popular mobile phone carrier in Australia just refreshed its Android Software Updates timetable, listing the “new version 7.0” of the OS as “testing”, and “expected mid Nov” on the G5.

LG is known for very lightly, very quickly modifying software packages received from Google, especially when it comes to contemporary flagship models, then working closely with operators to spread UI improvements worldwide ahead of rival OEMs.

It certainly helps that the Korean manufacturer was behind the Nexus 5X, also gearing up to launch the V20 with build N pre-installed around the globe in time for the holidays. And mind you, if Optus can roll out Nougat for its LG G5 variation a month from now, international unlocked configurations might be looking at an even earlier upgrade.

Source: Optus
Via: Ausdroid

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