LG G5 projected to sell 10 million+ copies by year-end, as marketing expenses rise

In case you couldn’t already tell, LG is looking to spend more to earn more this year in the mobile industry. In the words of company president Juno Cho, “we’re at a point in time when we need to overspend a bit in order to get the word out and create fans.”

If you ask us, the word’s been out for a while in markets like Korea and the US, where the G4 and V10 performed decently in 2015, outselling the G3 and setting the stage for even higher LG G5 shipment numbers.

It’s the old continent that probably requires some extra marketing attention and moolah, with China also a big problem, but one that LG is “giving up” on for reasons we don’t fully understand. After all, the world’s sixth or seventh largest smartphone vendor has a decent mid-range, low-cost product portfolio too, and advertised aggressively enough, the X and K series could become popular anywhere.

But instead of pursuing Chinese prominence, LG will likely seek to further bolster its US presence, improve overall profitability, and ship 10 million “or more” G5 units globally by the end of the year.

That may not sound very impressive compared to 40 million+ Galaxy S7 forecasts, not to mention the 13 million new iPhones Apple sold in their first weekend of availability alone. Still, 10M would exceed the G4’s undisclosed tally so far, and might help LG post yearly growth for its handheld business after a 2015 stagnation at around 60 million.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Reuters
Via: PhoneArena

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