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LG G4 wireless charging is just 10 minutes, $10 away (Video)

By Michael Fisher July 16, 2015, 9:23 pm

If you’ve got an LG G4, you’ve got a pretty solid smartphone. We enjoyed our time with the new flagship, finding it to be a “leather looker with a killer camera” in our full review – and in some ways it even compares favorably with the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. But out of the box, it’s lacking one cool feature that OEMs have steadily been adding to their smartphones: Qi wireless charging. Sure, you could buy a Quick Circle case from LG to enable this feature, but it’s pricey – and not everyone finds a booklet-style case convenient.

Fortunately, as we recently learned from a post over at Phandroid, you can make the LG G4 wireless charging dream a reality for just ten bucks … and ten minutes’ worth of modding. Having learned from the Phandroid article that the mod worked fine on the stock battery cover, we opted to try it on the yellow leather back that LG sent us to test out – and the results are pretty cool indeed.


Interested? See how we implemented the LG G4 wireless charging mod in the how-to video below, and be sure to visit the source link at bottom for the original Phandroid tutorial (including a link to buy the equipment needed for this hack)!

LG G4 wireless charging how-to

Source: Phandroid


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