LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: versatility vs virtuosity (Video)

When we reviewed it last month, we called the Samsung Galaxy S6 one of the best smartphones you can buy today. Almost a month (to the day) later, we told you the LG G4 was LG’s best-made smartphone to date, a “leather looker with a killer camera.” And we doubled-down on that assertion just yesterday in a monster two-hour podcast featuring what might be the toughest question of the season: which phone wins out in the LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 comparison?

With the video below, we aim to answer that question. Comparing everything from build quality to camera samples to battery life to screen technology, we put the G4 and S6 head to head. While you’ll still be better off reading the full review of each phone (or watching the video reviews also embedded below) to get the full picture, we hope this comparison helps those of you still on the fence when choosing between Rear Key and TouchWiz, between AMOLED and IPS Quantum, between LG G4 and Galaxy S6.

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LG G4 vs Galaxy S6

LG G4 video review

Galaxy S6 video review

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