LG G4 and V10 owners plagued by bootloop flaws file class action lawsuit against OEM

Much (virtual) ink has been spilled of late on how the LG G6 seems to fix its predecessor’s shortcomings, throwing dubious experiments out the window. What many people tend to forget is the chaebol actually disappointed G4 and V10 owners back in 2015 (and the time since) in a significantly more dramatic way.

Several afflicted citizens of the States of California, Florida, New York and Washington have definitely not forgotten about so-called “bootloop defects”, seeking financial restitution for themselves and “others similarly situated” in a class action complaint filed with the US District Court for the Central District of California.

Long story short, these are four individuals claiming multiple instances of random device bricking, unhappy by how LG handled their problems, replacing defective hardware with equally glitchy mobile equipment and even refusing to provide any sort of relief outside of the standard warranty period.

Technically, there’s a lot of talk about US carriers trying to fix their customers’ issues, but the manufacturer of the two smartphones in question is held responsible for building the damaged goods to begin with, then woefully mismanaging the situation.

Remember, LG publicly acknowledged G4 malfunctions as a consequence of “loose contact between components” in January 2016, but it was a little late, and no comprehensive repair program followed the admission of guilt. Like a bootloop-plagued user though, the Korean company will probably not be able to dodge this without paying through the nose.

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