LG’s latest smartphone is here, with the company introducing the metal-bodied Class to its native South Korea. Considering the leaks we’d seen detailing the phone over the course of the previous week, that was hardly surprising, but where does that leave LG’s product line going forward; what’s next? After all, the manufacturer has that New York event coming up on October 1, so what’s on the agenda there? We’ve been considering everything from the V10 to the G4 Script, and today we’re thinking ab out another option, as a leak asserts that the phone we’ve been calling the G4 Pro is still in the works.

Rumors have been so back-and-forth when it comes to the G4 Pro over the past few months that it’s easy to get confused about what we’re expecting: first it was supposed to be a metal phone like the LG Class, only for sources to backtrack on that claim. Will the phone get some unusual hardware like a set of dual rear cameras? Even at this stage, there’s little we know about the hardware with much certainty – and that mystery extends to the phone’s name.

The source behind today’s rumor that LG still intends to release the G4 Pro may believe in the handset’s fate, but not necessarily the name, conceding that the final commercial identity of the handset may be something else.

With the level of uncertainty we’re talking about (there aren’t even any strong suggestions for under what name the phone might emerge, if not as the G4 Pro), we wonder if that early October launch guess might be a little optimistic, and we’d instead see the phone debut even later this year. But whether in a couple weeks or a couple months, expect an improved version of the G4 to land before the year’s out.

Source: OnLeaks (Twitter)

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