Update: Well, between Hangouts corrupting the video stream and a MacBook malfunctioning, we’re able to provide you a fairly rough cut of the high-quality audio podcast. Our apologies for the delay for the Direct Download activation down below, but hey! There’s always this week! Enjoy.

It’s the best rhetorical question we’ve seen this week: where can you mix 1990s sci-fi references, history lessons about famous steamships, and modern musings on the state of leatherbound smartphones? If you know the answer, congratulations on knowing the time of day and your ear from your elbow. If you don’t, allow us to clarify it for you. This is the Pocketnow Weekly podcast.

On this week’s episode, we dive once again into the ever-less-mysterious LG G4 and run our fingers across its supple stitched-leather backside. Sorry, that’s gross; we don’t have the phone yet, so we caress it in our imaginations. Annnnnd that’s probably not much better. Let’s move on.

Alongside the G4 speculation: the news of the week, from Huawei to HTC, from Nokia to Alcatel – no, not that Alcatel … but we’ll hear from them too as we take a quick on-air look at the Alcatel Onetouch Watch. That’s all followed by an extended segment of What Phone Should I Get and your listener mail, so don’t go thinking we’re just here to crack weak jokes. There’s work to be done!

Pocketnow Weekly 144 is on the ways, the tallow and grease have been slathered on the rails, and the channel has been cleared of hazards – so smash the champagne bottle on the bow and watch it roll into the river. The video broadcast recorded at 6:30pm Eastern on April 16 (click here for your local time) might not be your best bet due to Hangout difficulties, so check out this high-quality audio version right here, and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you next time!

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April 16, 2015



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Enter for your chance to win a free LG G3 VR headset! If you’re in the US and own an LG G3, write in to podcast AT pocketnow.com with your answer to this trivia question:

Twenty years before the LG G3 VR headset debuted, a rough-and-tumble sci-fi action film reinvigorated the public’s imagination for virtual reality (and introduced us to a beardless Russell Crowe in the process). Also starring Denzel Washington, Kelly Lynch and some … intriguing mid-90s concepts of the future of technology, this film also introduced us to the timeless quote: “I’m a 50 terabyte self-evolving neural network, double backflip off the high platform. I’m not a swan dive.”

Name the film in an email to podcast AT pocketnow.com (not in the Q&A or comments) and you could win an LG G3 VR headset courtesy of Pocketnow and LG!





LG shares a few more G4 teaser pics / LG releases another G4 teaser video / G4 outed in its entirety?

LG G Flex 2 review (US edition)

Huawei P8 hands-on: a familiar face gets a little lift

Nexus 6 spotted in what looks like a custom Google Workshop MapMe case

Leaked render arrives of new LG Windows Phone for Verizon

HTC and Microsoft reportedly working on Windows 10 device

Nokia acquires Alcatel-Lucent (but not Alcatel Onetouch)

Alcatel Onetouch Watch review: petite simplicity at a price

Sprint Direct2You comes to your house to set up a new phone

This week in mobile history: AA+ efforts and Angry Birds



What Phone Should I Get?




As fellow mariners on the storm-tossed seas of the smartphone world, we’re bound by honor and tradition to lend a hand to fellow sailors in distress when their turn comes to upgrade. Join us in the Q&A section as we try to help out Burt Kocaine, Lakota B., Ian Raper, and Andrew Burgess as they struggle to decide which smartphone will be their next.


Listener Mail



E-mailed submission from William Li, answered in absentia by our own Joe Levi


Weekend Reading




In the heady days of the dawn of radio, the word “wireless” meant a very different thing indeed. This week marks the 103rd anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, where wireless telegraphy played a crucial role. Historian Parks Stephenson has amassed a mass of information on Titanic and her particular Marconi installation at his website, Macronigraph.com. Tragic circumstances aside, the complexity of the century-old equipment is a helpful reminder of the sophisticated technology we carry in our own pockets today.

Excerpt: Titanic was fitted with a Marconi twin “T” type aerial, rising vertically from the roof of the Marconi Silent Room, connecting with four horizontal wires strung between the ship’s two masts. Positive electrical connection was made between each vertical lead-in and its corresponding wire in the horizontal flat top by means of a McIntyre connector. Two 20-foot spreaders at either end of the flat top portion spaced the two inner wires 8 feet apart and the two outer wires 6 feet from the inner wires. The aerial spreaders were supported by bridles of tarred hemp rope (ratline), which in turn could be raised or lowered by rope halyards run through reef blocks attached to the top of their respective masts. The forward spreader had four eyebolts, each of which took an aerial strain insulator, from which an individual aerial wire was run.

Thanks for tuning in! See you next time.

Ouroburos Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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