Black leather unlocked LG G4 goes for $280 at B&H with free spare back cover

With the age-old plastic vs. metal smartphone construction debate apparently settled in the latter’s favor by most top-tier OEMs, many mobile tech consumers may still be wondering whether leather deserves a little extra attention.

The simple answer is yes, when doubled by affordability, as is currently the case for the aging but far from passé LG G4. We’ve seen the spring 2015-released Snapdragon 808 powerhouse cost as little as $275 in an elegant leather finish and unlocked form recently, even less in refurbished quality, and now B&H Photo Video sells it for $279.

What’s so special about this latest in a long line of G5-competing deals, since the G4 isn’t reaching a new all-time low price? Well, you also get a nice freebie with the unused, mint condition US991 32GB handheld, namely a backup leather rear cover in red, orange or yellow.

That way, if you grow bored of the 5.5-incher’s all-black exterior, you can easily pop the trunk and replace the back lid to add some color in the mix. The US991 model is technically built for US Cellular use, but B&H guarantees you’ll be able to activate it at least on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon too, no problem.

Source: B&H Photo Video

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