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Just how curved is the LG G4’s curved screen?

By Stephen Schenck April 22, 2015, 10:18 am

There was a time in not too distant history when LG’s flagship smartphone had flat screens, and those with curved displays were reserved for the G Flex series. But with the G4 on the horizon, rumors started arriving that even this flagship model could be going the way of the G Flex, and picking up a curved screen of its own. In the time since, we’ve seen a number of officially sourced G4 images, and sure enough, it does appear to have a slight curve to it – really, really slight. Now we’re getting some hard figures about the full extent of that curve, and there’s a good reason it doesn’t appear as pronounced as the bend in devices like the G Flex or the G Flex 2.

Manufacturers express curve degree in terms of big circles – circles whose edges are the same shape as the curves of these screens. So for the G Flex models, it was like they were cut out of a circle with a 700mm (or nearly 27.5-inch) radius.

For the G4, that virtual circle is much larger, making the curve on a phone-sized slice of it seem much less bent. Specifically, we’re talking about a circle with a radius of 3,000mm (or about 118 inches). That means that unless we’re talking about a much larger device – something tablet or even TV-sized – you’re not going to notice the extent of the curvature nearly as much.

Is this the sweet spot for curved phones? Was it worth LG’s hassle bending the screen at all if it’s just to this tiny degree? We’ll have to check out the G4 in person to make those calls, so we’re very much looking forward to next week’s launch event.

Source: Business Korea
Via: Android Spin

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