LG G4 ceramic coating has multiple purposes for non-leather variant

LG finally made the G4 flagship official earlier, at the New York launch event, and we can finally put an end to all the rumors and leaks. The phone is out there, and whether you you like it or not, it is a true flagship, competing for market dominance with the Galaxy S6, and One M9 (well, Xperia Z4 in Japan), to name the most recent ones.

We’re looking at the specs and features in different posts, but you should know that aside from the leather-back version of the G4 (available in black, brown, red, sky blue, beige, and yellow) there will also be another variant: LG G4 ceramic is what the Press Release states.

LG calls it “ceramic”, it will come in metallic gray, ceramic white, and shiny gold, and this version’s backplate is made out of plastic, but with a ceramic coating applied to the (outer) exterior. LG is no stranger to pioneering resistant back panels for its phones. The self-healing back of the original G Flex, as well as the G Flex 2, are great examples to prove that.

With the “ceramic” version of the G4, LG is approaching things differently. Not only ceramic is more durable and resistant to scratches (though it won’t self heal) than plastic, but it is also repelling fingerprints much better than shiny polycarbonate counterparts. LG achieves this by melting ceramic powder on top of the plastic backplate itself, hoping for more durability and better looks (sans the fingerprints).

We’ll of course have to wait and see how much better this solution is, once we get our own LG G4 ceramic version in our labs for testing. Ceramic is also a very good heat insulator (not that leather is excellent at heat dissipation) which might or might not play well with phone processor or batteries heating up.

Until then, make sure to continue following our LG G4 coverage.

Source: LG

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