LG G4 reportedly starts to see Marshmallow updates across Europe

One of the world’s hottest Android phones, especially considering its amazing bang for buck factor, recently got hotter in Korea, courtesy of a snazzy new white and gold flavor, as well as the US, thanks to a $100 rebate from Verizon.

But European LG G4 owners are apparently in for an even sweeter treat, rolling out in markets like Germany, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the UK, Croatia, and Turkey in the form of savory marshmallows.

That’s right, the official Android 6.0 update seems to be finally ready for the old continent spotlight, after a test drive in Poland last month quickly halted due to mysterious glitches. We’re guessing everything has been ironed out in the meantime, and in a few weeks tops, Marshmallow goodies should no longer be exclusive to G4 users in LG’s homeland.

Keep in mind however that we’ve not been able to confirm the update’s availability in all the European countries listed above. Besides, the only working method in Germany, Portugal, Austria or Romania appears to be LG Bridge, aka the device manufacturer’s new PC Suite tool.

LG G4 Android 6.0

It might still be a while until seeing M tweaks and enhancements making their way over-the-air to all G4 proprietors worldwide, and at the moment, it’s good to rock unlocked, unbranded H815 models. In addition to Doze Mode and a slew of other battery life-improving alterations, you’re to receive deeper access to app permissions, Google Now on Tap, augmented security features, one-tap Silent mode, and an overall revamped UI.

Make no mistake, the software package headed your way is massive, reportedly tipping the scales at more than 1.5GB.

Source: Reddit
Via: GSMArena

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