Confused about all the LG G3 family members out there? We don’t blame you. Between the flagship itself, the Snapdragon 805 version, the G3 Beat, the G3 Stylus, and that new G3 A that came out of nowhere, it’s all a lot to wrap your head around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like LG’s lineup is about to start embracing minimalism any time soon, as we pick up word today that not only may the G3 Beat be coming to a carrier in the US, but that it could get a new name as it does so.

The G3 Beat, as you may recall, is a much more restrained device than the bleeding-edge G3, featuring a five-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1GB of RAM, and just 8GB storage (though with microSD expansion). As such, it’s clearly for a different sort of user than one who might go after the flagship G3, but the phone still manages to retain some of the G3’s polish, like retaining the laser-assisted auto-focus for its 8MP main camera.

This new leak points to the G3 Beat coming to Sprint, only now under the name G3 Vigor (someone’s been playing too much BioShock Infinite). Color choices may include black and a new red option, and we’re told that Sprint may introduce the phone sometime later this month – though for the moment, at least, a specific date eludes us.

Source: My LG Phones
Via: GSM Arena

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