Is it nearly time for LG to debut its next Android flagship? While the G2 was first revealed in August of last year, rumors have been adamant that LG is moving its schedule up quite a bit for 2014, and that the presumed G3 could launch as soon as sometime this quarter. June has been mentioned more than once as a possibility, putting us a mere two months away from the phone’s premiere. Before it gets here, though, there’s plenty we’d like to learn, and so far the hard evidence has been limited to a UAProf and a couple potential screenshots. We’re still itching to get a look at the hardware, but in the meantime we’ll have to make do with a new addition to that screengrab department, as a new pic arrives this week, showing off what LG’s been working on for its Android skin.

It seems like the way of the industry is this trend towards pared-down, uncluttered presentation and bold expanses of solid color – going “flat,” if you will. We saw the same thing in yesterday’s glimpse at Firefox OS 2.0, and there’s a fair deal of it going on here, as well.

And once again, a supposed G3 screenshot seems to confirm the phone’s extended resolution. While we don’t see the full 2560 x 1440 that those last pics were in, the 2048 x 1232 here is clearly beyond 1080. The other odd bit is the aspect ratio, moving from 16:9 to closer to 15:9, though that may just be virtual buttons getting cut off.

Source: LGG3kopen (Google Translate)
Via: Phandroid

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