LG G3 Mini already looking to make up for disappointing G2 Mini?

LG’s been cooking up its G3, and the smartphone should launch with a high-res 2K display. And really, for about the past month or so now, that model’s dominated our coverage of LG news. Today we mix things up a little by looking past the G3 itself to some other upcoming LG devices, with new leaks pointing not just to the existence of a couple new LG tablets, but also to a possible G3 Mini.

News already of a G3 Mini is pretty exciting, especially after the G2 Mini only just launched back at MWC. We were also a little let down with the G2 Mini’s hardware (not to mention its size), so we’re eager to learn if a follow-up (even if it seems quite premature) can correct the situation.

Some references were discovered to an LG “B2MINI,” the company’s model number LG-D725. How do we go from B2 to G3? Well, we can’t say how LG came up with that name, but the same document also connects “B2” by itself to model numbers that have already been associated with the G3. Put two and two together, and we’re looking at the G3 Mini.

Thankfully, the G3 Mini appears to be upgrading from the G2 Mini’s qHD screen to a 720p component. There’s also evidence pointing to an 8MP camera, and while we don’t have a full sense of carrier interest, AT&T looks like it might be giving the phone a home.

Then we have a pair of tablets, the LG V400 and LG V700. Specs are hard to come by for both models at the moment, but the V700 looks like it will get a 5MP main camera, while the V400 will have a 3MP shooter. LG seems to be planning a US release, but other important details – screen size, resolution, processing power – aren’t yet available.

Source: My LG Cell Phones 1,2

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