OK, when it rains LG news, it pours, and following-up today’s announcements of LG’s 5.5-inch quad HD display and the isai FL handset that will use it, we’ve got some fresh G3 development. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the G3 has concerned what we might be looking at with the dark oval to the left of the phone’s rear camera in all those leaks. Heart rate monitor? Fingerprint scanner? IR transceiver? This morning we pick up some new pics of the G3 in gold to check out, while the source behind them attempts to clue us in to the oval’s true purpose: to conceal a laser.

A LASER? Well, that’s what we’re hearing. Supposedly, it would be tied somehow to improving low-light camera performance. While we normally think of lasers as highly collimated, we suppose an optical element to spread the beam could be used for illumination in a pinch. It’s an intriguing theory, at least, and has us curious to learn if there’s any truth behind it.

Claims of the G3’s camera being a 13MP component capable of recording 4K video align nicely with what we’ve seen confirmed through the isai FL, and there’s also mention here of optical stabilization. Additionally, we’re told about some camera software features, like voice control for the front-facer.

That’s all well and good, but our thoughts keep returning to this laser. What kind of image improvements might it really offer? Will we soon get to see some camera samples, showing off its tricks? Maybe most importantly, will it actually work well, and how will it compare to a xenon flash?

Source: GSM Arena

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