Continuing on with our post-announcement spec comparisons between the G3 Beat and other similar phones (the last one being between it and the Galaxy S5 mini), we’ve put together LG G3 Beat vs HTC One mini 2.

It’s a similar story to the last comparison — the G3 Beat just isn’t a compelling hardware package when pitted against its closest competitors, but we stress that hardware doesn’t necessarily equal stellar performance.

The two phones are equal in most categories, with the One mini 2 winning out with its screen, storage capacity, front and rear-facing camera, and WiFi bands. It also offers more premium craftsmanship with its aluminum chassis, though many will likely prefer the G3 Beat’s metallic plastic. If you want to see how the One mini 2 stacks up in terms of performance, by the way, be sure to give our full review of the phone a read.

By contrast, the G3 Beat bests the One mini 2 in its battery… and that’s all.

We’re eager to get the G3 Beat in our labs to give the two phones a real-world test, but for now, the LG G3 Beat vs HTC One mini 2 spec comparison below will do.


Want more on the LG G3 Beat? Check out our continuing coverage here!

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