Smartphones with beyond-1080p 2K displays are by now very much a reality, but we’ve yet to see much in the way of examples from manufacturers popular in the West. That’s left us anticipating when our favorite OEMs are finally going to come out with 2K phones of their own; will Samsung make the move with the Galaxy Note 4? Or what about LG with its G3? The latter there is probably the strongest contender at the moment, and we’ve already seen evidence from multiple sources that appeared to suggest the G3 would indeed end up with a 2560 x 1440 panel. Today the latest support for that theory arrives, with the outing of a G3 carrier edition.

About a month back we shared with you the discovery of a User Agent Profile for LG’s model D850, complete with 2560 x 1440 display. The presumption was that this would be the G3, mainly based on that model number’s proximity to the D80x series used for most of LG’s G2 variants.

But not all the G2s followed that naming scheme, and we also saw the VS980 for Verizon and the LS980 for Sprint. It’s Sprint’s model we’ve got our eye on today, because if we dial that LS980 number up a little bit we get to LS990, and it turns out that Sprint’s got a UAProf for that model too, mentioning a 2560 x 1440 screen.

It was conceivable – if not particularly likely – that the D850 could have been another LG device, but when we also add this LS990 to the mix, also sharing that 2K display, it’s difficult to argue that we’re not looking at the direct successor to the LG G2.

When we combine these finds with the screenshots that have been surfacing, it’s feeling safer and safer to call the G3’s 2K display a done deal. It remains to be seen if the phone will actually launch this quarter as rumored, but whenever it does get here, look for that super-high-res screen to be front and center.

Source: Sprint
Via: phoneArena

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